Cheating wife Katie caught and punished

Posted by Sandy on April 29th, 2011 filed in Allisons News

I do like it when we feature the more mature lady on the website. I have yet to meet Katie but I rather think we will get on. I have seen her as the spanker in a few films and I would quite like her to give my bum a good thrashing. This is however the first time I have seen her as the spankee. I was not dissapointed, like me, this is a lady who can take a hell of a good spanking.

Husband Stuart is confused.  Their company seems to be on the brink of collapse!  Years of hard work may go down the drain as the accounts just do not seem to add up.  Wife and bookeeper Katie has a confession.  She knows where the money has gone, she has spent it.  Not only has she spent it upon herself, but she has been buying lavish gifts for her toy boy lover.  What is a man to do?  Stuart very clearly loves his wife but cannot condone her behaviour.

Katie is devastated to have been caught out and truly sorry that she has caused her Husband so much pain, not to mention the fact that her actions could lead to their ruin.  She begs him for forgiveness and explains that she will do anything he wants to try and make things a little better.  Katie even asks if Stuart would like to punish her.  This is something she knows he has always been interested in but she has never allowed into their married lives. 

Stuart knows that punishing his wife will not solve his financial worries but feels that his wifes submission shows that she still loves him and that perhaps by giving her a bare bottom spanking, it may help to salvage their relationship.  Stuart has always wanted to spank his wife, albeit not in these circumstances.

Katie is bent over, asked to lift up her skirt, remove her knickers and bend across her husbands knee.  He gives her a real blistering spanking on the bare leaving her with bright red and sore cheeks.  But is this punishment enough?  Take a look at the free clip and see

5 Responses to “Cheating wife Katie caught and punished”

  1. aristotle Says:

    Hi Sandy.

    I was delighted to watch Katie getting her ample, well-stocked bottom spanked.Two things:would you be able to pass on my thanks to Kate; would it be possible for Katie to respond either on your blog or to me privately?



  2. Zeppo Says:

    Hi,Allison,yes,I always like to see the more mature lady getting punished too. Re your comment about her spanking you,that would fit in well with my previous scenario of you been a french maid thrashed by her mistress.Hope the follow up to this film involves the liberal use of the tawse and paddle.

  3. admin Says:

    If you wish to contact Katie, you can leave a message here and I will be sure to pass it onto her

  4. Aristotle Says:

    Dear Kate

    I wanted to say to you that I so enjoy the films which you are in…..especially when your naughty, delightful bottom gets its just desserts.

    There are lots of questions I would like to ask you about your spanking films……is there any way in which I might be able to do that or would that be intruding on your privacy?


  5. admin Says:

    That’s so nice of you, you can contact me here

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