My first Spanking Film in Years

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A good spanking return for SandyI cannot believe just how long it has been since I made my last spanking film!   I decided a while back to take a short break from filming, I had lots of things going on in my life. I just did not have the time to run the office and keep making films and doing the blogs.  It was very sad but I had have a break to concentrate on other things.

The months turned into years and I kept up with all the happenings.  I was often forwarded emails from members asking when I would be coming back and saying that they missed me and do you know what?  I missed filming too!  I missed having my bottom smacked and I felt that it was time to return and once more help run the RedStripe Films site.

I got in touch with Mr Stern who was more than happy for me to return to the site.  In fact, he came over the very next day after I made the call, he had just come in from Spain. ……  Perhaps he thought I was going to change my mind!  I will confess to being really nervous.  Would I be able to take a proper spanking again?  I did remember just what a hard hand Mr Stern has and knew that any spanking would be prolonged and really painful. 

When the doorbell rang I almost pretended that I wasn’t in!  I was so very nervous.  Mr Stern hadn’t changed a bit, in fact if anything he looked even younger.   He was rather eager to spank me and soon had me over the knee.  Well, what can I say?  His hand hasn’t got any softer over the years.  It may have got harder. 

My bum soon felt like it was on fire!  I was kicking my legs and squirming my cheeks were soon bright red and incredibly sore.  This first spanking was really hard to take and I knew that there was worse to come.  Take a look at the free clip here

Mary Peace The Final Spanking

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Mary Peace is spankedThe latest film in our Spanking Mansion series is now available and we know that lots of you have been waiting for this. It features the thoughts and dreams of a well bred Mary Peace. The part of Mary Peace is played by our good friend Suzanne Smart, this is the final part of the latest series she has written just for herself. In this series she wanted to explore some of her innermost desires and dreads, things she had not been able to work through over the years. If you have watched the first two parts of this series you will have seen Mary receive a long and severe punishment with quite a number of different implements on just about every part of her body. Placed in some of the most humiliating positions she had to take the punishment handed down to her, she did take it, she did not enjoy all of it but that was to be the nature of what she was putting herself through.

This is the last part of the series and we get back to some basics, she tells us how she feels and some of the fears she has and then it is agreed that the one thing missing from her punishment regime has been a real hands on, over the knee spanking. Now you may think that this is the easiest of all punishments to take but those who are spanked by an expert spanker will attest to the amount of pain and discomfort that can be delivered by a hard hand.

Mary is placed over the knee, her bottom raised and her legs slightly parted and she is spanked, simply spanked but long and very hard. As the spanking closes the film, Mary was close to tears, the tears of someone who has just been well and truly spanked hard. Her bottom is red and marked as are her breasts and thighs, all show the signs of the whip and the straps that have been used on her naked body. We know you are going to love Mary, she is one of a few true natural submissive ladies and we are proud to feature all her films and we will welcome her back to our screens whenever she choses to make some more films with us. We urge you to take a look at the free clip of this and of the other films featuring Mary on our web site.


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Oh, what a dilemma to be in, that’s what Sarah and Mr Stern said when Jadie Reece came along to make a film. She had to confess that she already had a pretty red and marked bottom. Now if you know anything about this young lady you will be aware that she just loves to have her bottom spanked, strapped and caned and there in is the problem. She just cant say NO to anyone who offers to put her over their knee and welt her bare bottom.

That however did not solve the problem of what to shoot for the video. As she had already obviously been well paddled and spanked ther was only one alternative to offer, yes you have it, it would have to be a good hard and long caning, would she go for this? You bet, it turns out that Jadie loves the cane almost as much as she likes the strap but would she like it when it was strong armed Sarah wielding the formidable implement. Well she got bent over and the caning was soon well underway and boy did she get it hard. Half way through the caning I thought she was going to give in and say enough but no. She did take a full length and full force caning. So take a look at just what happens when a caning is the only option for a naughty young lady. You can see the film clip here

Now I have some more news, I am hopeful that we will be making some more films with Sandy next week, she has been very busy in the office and so has not made any films for a while. She did come to me and tell me that she thought she really did need a good hard spanking and caning and that she would love to get out of the office and bent over the chair again so, lets hope that we all find the time to make some very rude and hard spanking films with her next week.

The Cane for a school prefect

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School Prefect canedA School girls life is not an easy one. Especially if you attend a rather strict school which employs nasty and sadistic teachers. I am sure that they would disagree and say that they were only doing their job but I do feel that this teacher seems to be perhaps enjoying the horrible punishment he dishes out.

Wynter Skye is a senior prefect and so should be setting a good example for the other girls in her school.  Unfortunately her behaviour has fallen short recently and her teacher has already had reason to use the Tawse on her bare behind.  As this does not seem to have modified her unruly actions, it has been decided that she  must face the harshest of punishments. 

The young girl is called to the teachers office and it is explained to her that she will be caned.  The caning will be severe and it will be carried out on her bare bottom.  Wynter Skye tries to reason with the teacher and promises that a marked improvement in her behaviour will be seen.  The teacher explains that the only marks he is interested in are the ones he is going to place on her backside!

When a senior prefect disobeys the rules of the select girls school she knows there can be only one punishment. She must be caned and she does expect to be caned hard. She removes her regulation knickers and bends over to touch her toes. The headmaster positions himself so that the cane will fall evenly over her well presented bottom. When he is ready he brings the cane back and delivers the first painful stroke of a much deserved punishment

This is a prolonged and painful caning which leaves Wynter marked bruised and sore.  Take a look at the free clip here

Mary Peace – The punishment

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The punishmentThis is the second part of the story written by one of your favourite spanking models and featuring her. The lovely mature Suzanne Smart appears as Mary Peace a lady of fine breeding who has secret and terrible desires. She is now, in this her latest film, confessing some of her feelings to Mr. Stern who will be dealing with the issues raised. Mary already has received a very sound strapping and knows that was just the start of what will be a very painful and humiliating day for her.

You must take a look at all these films, they are in the Spanking Mansion section of our web site and are a lot more edgy than most of the things we do and I must warn you that the punishment methods and the severity of the punishment are a little different from our norm.

Mary Peace now explains her innermost feelings and desires to be punished and subjected to humiliation and pain. She has these strange feelings and longings that will not go away, the only thing left is for her to live what is in her mind. It’s the job of Mr. Stern to translate her needs and wants into the physical actuality, to whip and strap her body in every secret place and administer the pain.  You can see a clip of the film and all our other films right here.

If you want to get all our films without a site membership, downloading just the ones you want then you can go to this site. These are all full length versions and you get to keep them in just the same way. I am frequently asked if I can recommend a great site where you can get authentic British porn, good girl next door films featuring a range of girls and ladies of all ages and sizes. Yes I can. Once again you can download the full length films, some up to 30 mins in length right here

School prefect strapped and tawsed

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Senior prefect strappedThe Head Master is rather concerned when he finds out that one of the prefects has been posing for sexy photos and posting them on the internet. Prefects really should set an example to the younger girls and Wynter Skye really has let down not only herself but the school. The Head Master decides that he must deal severally with this young lady to ensure that no other pupils consider doing the same thing.

Her punishment is going to be prolonged and rather painful.  She is not only going to be beaten on her bare bottom but she is going to be punished on her hands as well.  A nasty leather tawse is produced.   Wynter Skye is rather afraid but has no choice but to accept the fact that she deserves to be chastised.

She is made to hold out her hands and the HeadMaster  brings the tawse down harshly upon her hands.  The pain is almost intolerable yet it is just the start of her ordeal.   Wynter Skye is then asked to bend over pull up her skirt and take down her school knickers.

The tawse is used on her bare bottom and each and every stroke leaves its mark.  This is a really nasty implement and it is applied with full force on her tender bum.  Wynter Skye is left bruised marked and sore.  Take a look at the free clip now.


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The letter and the punishmentMany of you have asked to see more of Suzanne in our Spanking Mansion. As you may know this lady writes the stories herself and she takes all her ideas from her own desires, what you see in her films is the real lady. This latest film is the first of a trilogy and sees her writing a letter and then going to a meeting with her chosen disciplinarian.

Once she gets to the meeting she is thrown totally off balance, she simply did not know what to expect and most certainly did not expect to be placed immediately in the most humiliating position having her body exposed and explored. This was just the start, she was then subjected to a very harsh punishment, she did always have the choice of rejecting what was happening to her but would she? Did she want these things to happen to her body and did she want to experience the pain and humiliation she was obviously about to receive.

This whole film was shot over two days and comes in three very distinct parts, all very hard , all pushing the boundary all very edgy. As the filming progresses we see her give her self totally over to the painful, spankings, strappings and whippings she has to endure. You must watch all these films, they come after many requests from the fans that Suzanne now has and once you have seen this lady I know you will just want more. There is a sample right here. Or you can go to our Spanking Mansion sample site where there are a number of free films taken from the Mansion. Whatever you do, go to the main site and join at our very special low rates and see the very best spanking and CP action you will see anywhere. Others may say they are the best but we have over 40 years of experience in making top quality spanking films and we know ours just are the very best.

Diaper Paddle for Lexi and Charlie

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Lexie & Charlie paddledCharlie will be almost anything for money.  She is a stripper and decided to while ago to try spanking modelling.    She finds it really painful but she likes the cash and so takes a good hard spanking, paddling or caning.  Her Sister recently asked her how the shoots went and Charlie was not very truthful with her.  Charlie told Lexi that the spankings did not hurt at all!  Poor Lexi soon found out that this really was not the case.

A furious Lexi confronts her Sister and the pair of them end up in a brawl.  Not only do they cat call, pull hair and pinch but they end up spanking each other as well.    Had they been at home when this happened this might have been the end of things.  Unfortunately they decided to do this in the middle of the actual shoot!  Sarah was not impressed when she walked in and saw what was going on.

Sarah demands an explanation and when the girls blame each other she decides that there can only be one outcome.  They will both be given a hard paddling on their bare red sore bottoms.

The Paddle for Bunty

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The paddle for BuntyI love Bunty. This dominant lady admits that despite being in charge most of the time that it is sometimes nice to be the one getting your bottom spanked. She came along to see Mr Stern and Sarah a few months ago with her submissive Susan. Both ladies are true lifestyle players but they had always wanted to make a film.

Bunty has already had a hard over the knee hand spanking and now she is going to get a dose of the paddle and the strap.  Her bottom is already on fire and things are only going to get worse!   Sarah shows no mercy and uses the paddle to full effect on her large firm bottom. 

Bunty cannot believe just how much this hurts!  Susan her submissive watches in amazement as her Top gets one of the hardest thrashings of her life.  Poor Bunty!   Take a look at the free clip here

Cat Fighting Sisters

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Cat fighting sistersCharlie is a stripper. She is willing to do just about anything for money even if she does not like it very much. Spanking is quite lucrative work and despite it hurting like hell, she does it on quite a regular basis. Her sister Lexi is also a stripper and showed some interest in spanking work. Big Sister Charlie told her it didn’t really hurt so poor Lexi went on a spanking shoot. The pain she felt was intolerable and she was furious with Charlie for telling her lies.

Charlie finds the situation quite funny.  She knew that Lexi would hate having her pert bottom smacked and she knew that it would leave her red raw and sore.  When Lexi shows her her damaged derriere she laughs out loud.  This is just to much for a distraught Lexi and so she decides that she will give Charlie a dose of the same medicine that she has so recently received.  Charlie is not keen on this idea and the two girls start brawling as Lexi desperately tries to get her bigger sibling over the knee.

The language is not befitting of two young ladies and nor is the behaviour as they roll around on the floor scrapping and trying hard to inflict pain on each other.  Although Charlie is bigger Lexi is quite rightly furious which gives her an added edge in their cat fight.  One minute it looks like Lexi has won when she gets Charlie held done and spanked but then Charlie reverses the position.

Both girls are soon panting and out of breath from the exertion of their fight and the painful bottoms they have given each other but neither wish to back down.  Insults continue to be traded as do spanks.   The fight is only brought to an end when Sarah walks in and sees what these disgraceful girls have been up to!  Take a look at the free clip here

The Paddle for Susan

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Susan spankedPlease welcome the delightful Susan to RedStripe Films.   This true life submissive came along to make some films with us recently alongside her partner and Top Bunty.   Last week we saw Bunty take a good spanking from Sarah it came as a bit of a shock I think and this week it is Susans turn to go over the knee.  Sarah is very well known for having perhaps the hardest hands in the UK spanking industry, if she takes you over the knee you soon know all about it but Susan proved to be a bit of a problem even for Sarah hard hands. 

The trouble was that Susan likes being spanked a bit to much plus she is a brat so she kept laughing whilst Sarah smacked her.  Usually a few slaps to the legs puts paid to any kind of brattiness but in this case it was deemed that just spanking Susan was never going to work.  Not to be deterred Sarah found a nice hard paddle and decided to apply this instead.  I think that Susan may soon have been regretting her bratty ways because Sarah was rather mean with that paddle.  Not only was it applied to her pert bare bottom but it was also used quite a lot on this naughty girls legs.

Sarah had soon wiped the smile off of her face and the real act of punishment began.  Susan is super fit and was able to bend over and touch her toes  with her lovely red bum really high and tight in the air for the paddle.   This position is guaranteed to make a spanking hurt even more and I am pretty sure that this is one of the hardest paddling films I have seen.

Susan does end up with rather a sore looking bum and some rather impressive bruises on her legs.  A fantastic film made with real life style players.  Take a look at the free clip here


Friends punished together

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Bunty and Susan are very good friends and love to play S&M games together but they had never been spanked or punished by someone else and they have never before made a film. Now Bunty is quite a dominant lady, she loves to take charge and Susan is very submissive and just loves to be beaten really hard. So that was the setting for the film.

First we have a nice chat with the girls who tell us just what they get up to when playing together, secrets of their private sex lives! I found it very revealing and quite a sexy turn on. Then it was down to the spanking. Bunty volunteered to be the first over the knee and once her knickers were off what a lovely bottom she had. Now it was going to get a real hard spanking and so it was. She did not really think much to it at first but I think as her bottom started to warm up and as the spanks got harder she seemed to start enjoying this unusually submissive role. Anyway, she did take a damn good hard spanking and she is a real sexy lady I know you will love.

You can get a look at the free clip right here 

A visit to the London Tanner

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Spanked by The London TannerOne of the best known faces in the spanking world both here and in the USA is the lovely guy called The London Tanner. He makes just the very best leather spanking implements you will find anywhere. Now, he is s very good friend of mine and when I said we had a young lady who was in need of some rather painful punishment he was, after careful though, happy to help out. She turned up at his place and told the tale of why her boyfriend wanted her punished, some real bad driving errors including texting while driving.

The London Tanner at once decided that the right penalty should be a good over the knee spanking. He started off over the tight blue jeans of young Jesse and gave her a good hard spanking but they had to be removed. Now this is a guy who works tough leather with his hands so you can just imagine what it is like to get spanked by him, I hope I never give him cause to spank me I can tell you. Anyway, his handiwork soon produced a very red and well marked bottom and I think a few tears from Jess. A lesson well taken I think and boy, what a spanking.

You can see the free film clip right here.

If you want to get all our films without a site membership, downloading just the ones you want then you can go to this site. These are all full length versions and you get to keep them in just the same way. I am frequently asked if I can recommend a great site where you can get authentic British porn, good girl next door films featuring a range of girls and ladies of all ages and sizes. Yes I can. Once again you can download the full length films, some up to 30 mins in length right here

Paddled over Tights

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Paddled over her tightsKiki London has been rather a foolish young lady.  She has been claiming benefits which she is not entitled to and Doctor Stern has the evidence to prove it.  The Doctor has confronted this young lady and despite her protestations of innocence, she has enough proof to secure a criminal conviction.  

Doctor Stern knows that a conviction will be costly and that there are far better ways to deal with ladies who break the law.  She has been dealing with these types of girls for many years and firmly believes that a good hard spanking does much more good then taking them to court.  

Kiki is horrified to learn about the possibility that she could be spanked but she does not fancy the possibility of going to prison very much either.  She reluctantly agrees to take a spanking.  It is explained that this would be carried out on the bare bottom.

Doctor Stern has come prepared and has a nasty looking leather paddle in her bag.  She produces this and instructs Kiki to bend over the table.  The first heavy strokes of the paddle are applied over the skirt but this is soon removed.  The Doctor is rather pleased to see that Kiki is wearing tights.  It has been said that a spanking over tights hurts more than on the bare bottom.  Judging by Kiki and her reaction I would suggest that there must be some truth in this claim.

You can soon see a rosy red glow through the tights.  Each and every stroke of the paddle is expertly applied and designed to cause pain to this naughty young lady.   Her tights are eventually removed and the punishment continues on the bare.  Kiki London is left with a red and sore marked bottom.  Take a look at the free clip here

First Time Paddling ends in tears

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Harry Amelia wanted to be a spanking model. She was quite sure she would be able to take the pain. She had watched a lot of spanking movies and really felt that she had a future sticking her rather lovely rump in the air and getting it punished.

Harry Amelia was wrong.  It is not quite as easy as it looks on the screen.  Especially if Sarah Stern is doing the spanking.  I will let you into a little secret …..  In fact, it is not a secret as I think a lot of you know that some spanking films are not quite as severe as they look.  Some Producers cup their hands are use implements which don’t really hurt and perhaps that is what young Harry was expecting.  This never happens at RedStripe Films.  All punishments are real and believe me, if you are not into spanking they are going to hurt!

Perhaps that is why so many other Producers go on to shoot with the lovely girls we audition?  They know that if Sarah has spanked, paddled, strapped and caned them that they are able to take the pain.   I know that you can’t be certain of many things in this life but I am pretty sure Harry Amelia will not be shooting any other spanking films!

She was amazed at just how much a hand spanking hurt her and wasn’t sure whether she should go onto the next part of her spanking audition.  It was left to her to decide if she wanted to test out the paddles but she wasn’t given any illusions about how they would feel.  Sarah told her that it would hurt and that it would hurt a lot.  A nervous Harry decided that despite the warning she would continue.

I think this was a decision that this young lady regretted after the first swot of the paddle on her bum.  She had foolishly thought that her bum would be numb after all that hand spanking.  She soon found out that she was totally wrong.  To say that this punishment caused this young lady pain would be a grand understatement.  Harry Amelia found the whole ordeal agonising.

Sarah gave Harry Amelia a no nonsense old fashioned hard paddling on her bare bottom which left Harry Amelia shedding real tears.  This was the second and last film Harry Amelia made that day.  Take a look at the free clip here