Real Couples Spanking Story

Posted by Sandy on April 25th, 2016 filed in Sarahs post
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Meet Lucy and Adrian.   They are a real life Husband and Wife who are both into the spanking scene.  Lucy needs the discipline that Adrian provides and he does so in a loving and caring way.   They use spanking for discipline but also as part of their sex life.

This couple wanted to make films of their true life experiences.  They had never made a film before and the idea of others watching them was exciting for them both.   Lucy hadn’t actually done anything wrong but the spanking given to her so still quite hard and painful despite lots of sexual touching and kissing as well.

We see Lucy bent over the knee getting a good hard old fashioned over the knee hand spanking before being bent and spread over the sofa end and spanked with the wooden spoon.   A real insight into their lives.

The Wonderful Kiki Vee

Posted by Sandy on April 18th, 2016 filed in Sarahs post
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I am giving Sandy a break this week.  In fact, I think I will be writing the blog more and more.  Sandy has unfortunately virtually retired from the spanking scene as has Allison.  As members will know I do quite a lot of the spanking these days on RedStripe Films and I am committed to making the kind of films that you guys and girl want to see.  I know that most spanking sites are very similar and showcase incredibly young and skinny ‘little’ girls and that this is the favoured niche of many but I also know that there are many of you out there you want to see real girls and ladies getting spanked.

Kiki Vee is one of my favourite spanking models at the moment.  She is not only incredibly beautiful but but she is totally into the spanking scene.  I have made some absolute amazing films with her and for quite some time one of them was the best selling spanking clip on Clips4sale.  That is quite an accomplishment especially when you take into consideration that there are over two thousand stores!  We have recently uploaded the latest film over there and it would not surprise me if this did not do the same.

I have always said that there are certain girls that I wish I could film with all the time.  Kiki Vee is one such girl,  she always puts her all into every storyline and we have made some truly fantastic and unique films.   During our last shoot we made four harsh films along the same theme and poor Kiki took a huge amount of punishment to her breasts as well as her bottom.

This is the second film of this series and sees Kiki Vee agreeing to be my slave and take any punishment I wish to give her.  Members of RedStripe Films will find this film to be one not to miss.

Rascal gets the Cane

Posted by Sandy on March 21st, 2016 filed in Allisons News
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It is a foolish thing for anyone to try and dodge payments to the Cash for Strapped company.    We are always happy to give naughty young ladies loans provided of course they take some punishment but we get quite cross when we have to spend our time running around trying to get the money back.

Rascal had been warned but the silly silly girl thought that she could talk her way out of making her first payment.  I went to collect it as arranged and she tried not to let me in!  I had to wait until someone was leaving to get in and as you can imagine, I was not very happy.

At first Rascal tried to be on the defence, when that did not work she tried a sob story, an apology and a promise that she would have the money soon none of which made any difference.  We are not called Strapped for Cash for nothing and as a strapping hadn’t made her more inclined to pay then it was time for the cane. 

This was a first caning for Rascal and you can see just how quickly the welts on her bottom appeared!   I do enjoy caning naughty girls especially when I know that they have never ever felt the sting of the cane before.  I do find that it makes them far more likely to pay their bills in future.

This painful caning soon reduces Rascal to tears.  Her bottom is painful, sore and I am pretty sure that a valuable lesson will be learnt.  Take a look at the film at RedStripeFilms

How to deal with a delinquent

Posted by 1ZEbra6 on March 3rd, 2016 filed in Sandy's Diary
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Don’t you wish that all bad people in the world could be dealt with by giving them a good spanking or paddling. just think what we could do with our stupid politicians and bankers and others that rob us of our freedom and money. Ahh, just me being a bit wishfull cos I know it’s never going to happen.

We will have to confine ourselves to spanking the naughty ladies who come along to us to make films and they also deserve a good hard spanking or as with Ashleigh a really hard session with the thick leather paddle. Ashleigh does not like being spanked and she likes the paddle even less I can tell you but for the sake of this story, its about a lazy girl who will not cooperate with her probation, she  gets paddled and has to take the fully allotted strokes. What I like about this film is the long fast section where the paddle beats down on her bottom so fast she does not get time too recover let a lone rub or stroke her bottom That is just the way a punishment spanking should be given. So you can see a clip of this spanking at our Spanking library where you can download the sequence or you can go to our web site where you can join and look at well over 300 other films as well.


Rachael Loves her toy

Posted by 1ZEbra6 on February 6th, 2016 filed in Spanking Site Reviews
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I do try whenever I can to get a bit of sex into the films, I know that some people like it and some not but, well I do have over 300 films so there is plenty for all requirements. In this film it is not so much a sex act as one naughty young lady on her own, This is what happened to her, well not all that happened to her.

Rachael is one of those girls who is very happy with her own company and who certainly thinks that what she does in the privacy of her own bed is her business. Sean has different ideas, she should be out and about doing other things and being very much a prude he does not agree that ladies should be able to pleasure themselves with dildos and other toys. When he catches Rachael playing with her dildo and getting very carried away he is not best pleased and shows this in no uncertain terms by putting her over his knee and spanking her bare bottom very hard. Take a look at the site and I do hope you will join me at the very reasonable rates I now have.

A new Strapped For Cash victim

Posted by 1ZEbra6 on January 29th, 2016 filed in Sandy's Diary
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We all know what it’s like, over spent and need some cash so, where do you turn. Well as I love being spanked I would go to this amazing company who seem to take on the most unlikely cases and lend them loads of money.

Only problem is, you do get a spanking as a punishment for getting into a mess with your finances before you get the money and if you don’t pay it back you get much worse than that from these quite nasty people. This is the story of Rascal Another great story from Strapped for cash in which various young ladies find themselves financially embarrassed and have to resort to taking a loan from the strapped for cash company. They soon find out that aptness of this name as they are told what the loan entails. Rascal finds herself over the knee of the representative, her bottom being warmed first on top of her knickers and then on the bare. She takes a hard paddling with a new and very nasty leather paddle.

I really do like this girl, so young and fresh with such a beautiful bottom. I do happen to know that she is not very much into being spanked but just wants to experience the pain and the feeling it gives you so I would take a look at these films as soon as possible. You will find my membership site here

I want to remind those who have not been to my site for some time about my Spanking Mansion section. This is where I put some of those films that do not really fit within the main site. This is included in your membership so don’t worry but these are stories that the girls will have written themselves, so it’s something quite personal to them, sometimes what they only fantasise about. Take a look at this page, it shows some of the exciting films we have there.

I note that Mr Stern is putting lots of his videos into compilations now, all around the same subject or subject matter, I think this is a good idea so if you like say, caning then you get just that or mature housewives then just that or sex and spanking… well you get the point I am sure. Take a look at these films you will find them on my Clips4Sale site.

Allison is back for the double strap

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You certainly did like Allison and her vibrator, I have to say that she is a very sexy woman and does not mind showing it. As I said in a previous post she has been around the spanking scene for quite a while and just loves to find new guys to play with. Mr Stern however was not sharing her on the day they made these films.

In this film there is some more chat as she tells a bit more about her very middle class background and her love of not just the spanking scene but sex in general. Mr Stern however soon got down to things and had her bent over for a good long and hard session with his quite old leather strap. You will see from the film that she did not best appreciate the stinging strokes he delivered to her big firm bottom but, not enjoying is a way that lots of girls get their enjoyment, does that make sense?

I am much the same, I do not enjoy it when I am given the order to remove my panties and bend over for a good hard six with the cane but it is something I would not want to do without.

You can see the film as usual on my web site at Redstripe films whilst you are there you will see that there are options to get the film apart from the membership, so if you want to but just individual sequences then you can do so by taking option 2 or 3

Have a good spanking week and I will try to seek out some more great classic films for you

A great spanking loving lady

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One of the very first ladies to appear on my web site was Allison and I know that she was one of the first ladies spanked by Mr. Stern for his web sites. Now I have to tell you she is a pretty amazing lady. She is a mature wife and just loves sex in all its forms and especially being spanked. Now she does have some very beautiful assets as you will see. From her large firm boobs to her large very firm bottom she is just made to be spanked and punished.

In this film she starts off playing with her vibrator, some real play as she brings herself to orgasm, no faking it like the young things of today. She then has a chat with Mr. Stern and they agree that she does need to get a spanking. Over the knee she goes.

When you watch Mr. Stern spank a bottom it does not look as though he is putting a lot of energy into it, well let me tell you from my very personal experience the he has one of the strongest right arms it’s ever been my dubious pleasure to be on the end of.

This is why I feel sorry for Allison, she did take a good hard spanking on her lovely bare bottom but I think that secretly she loved it. Take a look at the web site and then join us to look at all the films we have. This is a genuine classic film.

The films we have can now be downloaded from our Spanking Library as can the new and updated copies of Unladylike Manor, the best and longest running spanking soap. This can also be found on our Clips site. There are some good length free clips out there for you to look at as well.

Have a good week and I hope that at least some of you have managed to keep to your new year’s resolutions!


Tit smackingly good

Posted by 1ZEbra6 on December 31st, 2015 filed in Sandy\'s Diary
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I rather think that’s a new word I have invented to end the year on. I watched this film and that’s just what I thought, it really is a great film with lovely interaction between Kiki and Mistress Sarah. Kiki does have the most amazing pair of boobs and then she has this beautiful innocent face and that very smackable bottom all of which get plenty of exposure in this film.

I know that for lots of purists in the spanking scene, tit smacking is not really the thing but I think that if it demands a spanking then, spank it! It happens to be something that Kiki is very happy with and in fact rather likes apparently so there we are, it does comprise just a small part of this full length film so enjoy it. This is the continuation of the film where Kiki got some party dates wrong so that she and Sarah missed a great fetish evening out. What to do, well get some spanking in at home and that’s just what Sarah did. There is a lovely scene with the leather taws, now I have seen the taws that Sarah used and it is a very genuine old style punishment strap and delivers a great deal of pain with out much effort on the part of the spanker, so well done Kiki for taking it.

OK, so it is the last post this year and I want to wish everyone a happy new year. Drink and don’t drive, remember that and keep happy. You can see this film on my web site right here or you can download individual clips from my Library site.

Schoolday spankings

Posted by 1ZEbra6 on December 25th, 2015 filed in Sandy's Diary
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A very happy Christmas morning for those who have the time to read my blog on such a day, I do know there are some of you who will not be having a house full of guests and have the time to look around the internet and hopefully at my little Christmas blog.

I do have a very special film for you this week with the two loveliest girls in the spanking world, Pandora Blake and Leia Anne Woods, they are naughty schoolgirls who have just returned from a rather tame spanking party and set about persuading the headmaster, played by Thomas Cameron to give them a special hard spanking. There are some girls who are spankees who do it because they can just take a spanking and there are others, like these two ladies who do it because they love to be spanked. The difference really does show up. This is a classic film and the spanking is top class and the acting is top class.

You can see this and all my other films at Redstripe Films or you can go to my Library and get an instant download of any single film. You will also find there some extra-long compilations so if you like schoolgirl films there are I think about two hours of good punishing viewing.

So, it’s a merry Christmas from me, don’t drink and drive and don’t eat too much. Have a great festive day and watch out for me in the sales on boxing day.


A missed party

Posted by 1ZEbra6 on December 17th, 2015 filed in Sandy\'s Diary
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Now I don’t get to many spanking parties, it’s always difficult to find someone who wants to take you without wanting to spend the night in bed with you. If I want spanking then I want spanking and that’s all there is to it.

I know just how Sarah felt when making this film for me, she had a lovely vintage dress and was all wound up to go and spank some bottoms and then her companion, Kiki Vee let her down, said she had the party date wrong and they had missed it. Boy was she mad, so mad that she said she was going to have her spanking fun anyway and that it would be at the expanse of Kiki’s bottom.

She soon found out that when spanking Kiki there is a problem, the girl loves it so mush she just laughs all the way through the spanking. Sarah did do her best, even spanking her at the sit spot at the top of her legs, that did make her wince a bit but she did give her one hell of a spanking. Kiki is such a pretty girl and as I say she does love to be punished and I have to admit, she did get a good spanking. As usual you can see the film at the web site right here, there are well over 300 others as well all full length or if you want to get just this film or any other single films or if you just don’t like joining web sites then take a look here.

A nasty punishment and more

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I am not to sure about this film. I think that poor Susan got far more than she asked for, more than she deserved. The guy beating her bottom is real scary and I bet he can lay it on hard. BUT! That’s what we want to see I know.

This is a real nasty classic spanking film. Sue has been caught on her bed playing with her pussy. She has been warned not to do this but does not seem to care. She is to be punished and her guardian has a nasty leather strap that does not look as though it can do much damage but when applied to her bare bottom it soon has a devastating effect. She has to take a long and very painful punishment and her fighting and struggles will not get her off the full effects of this paddling. Take a look at the site and see and don’t forget, you can see a clip on my download site where you can also download it.

I have just noticed a new compilation film it’s about 58 mins in length and it has loads of outdoors spanking scenes on it including one where I get a real good hiding. Now I made this quite a few years ago but had forgotten all about it. Take a look at the download site, there is a clip and you can get the film there.


Posted by 1ZEbra6 on December 4th, 2015 filed in Allisons News, Sandy's Diary

Well Lulu proved to be so popular that I forgot to update my blog again last week, you know what that means! Yes the cane for me, I only get 6 of the best so I suppose I will have to take it. The update I did not tell you about had a great sequence from Colette but if you go to the site you will see it, you can also see a clip if you go to one of our alternative download sites, there are details at the top of the site.

Now to this week and back to Lulu, she has been spanked, her very first but now surprisingly she wants to take her punishment further. Her husband is well surprised as was Mr Stern but none the less she willingly bent over in the chair and between them Mr Stern and her husband did give her a good paddling. So, there we are, my duty done for this week.

I must just tell you that we are now putting together very long special compilations of our videos. You can find them on these two links along with some sample clips so get along there and take a look. These are trusted download sites by the way.

DOWNLOAD 1   Download 2


Lulu Lush gets her first spanking

Posted by 1ZEbra6 on November 20th, 2015 filed in Sandy's Diary
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Strange name for a really exciting lady. Now this is a true story, Lulu’s husband rang Mr Stern and said he was having trouble with his lovely wife, she is a very well known model especially in the big boob market, anyway he wanted to bring her to see Mr Stern in the hopes that something could be done about her behaviour. Well, the result is just fascinating, it has Mr Stern asking her about the problem she obviously has with men and then getting her to agree to accept a spanking as a start to better behaviour.

Lulu’s husband starts off the spanking but Mr Stern soon has the lady over his knee demonstrating just how it should be done. A good hard OTK spanking is just what is wanted and just what she gets. It did make me quite jealous actually because that is just about how I met Mr Stern all those years ago but he now only uses his cane on me when I have been really naughty. Anyway, This is a good film and I think its one you should get along and take a look at on my site. It is also posted on  Spanking Library where you can download a clip to watch or buy the film at a very cheap price, being offered for just a short while.

Mature wife filmed by husband

Posted by 1ZEbra6 on November 12th, 2015 filed in Sandy's Diary
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Colette called us and asked if we would go along to her hotel, this was at very short notice but we did as asked. She was there with her husband and quite simply she wanted to tell us about her spanking life and for us to punish her and film it. What more could we ask for .

She turned out to be a very articulate and pleasant lady and told us all about her love of spanking and made it clear that she wanted her limits pushed. She and her husband had done so much but now she felt she wanted to go further. We of course were delighted and soon had her stripped off on the hotel bed with her large spankable bottom in place for whatever we wanted to do.

She certainly did adore being spanked and paddled very hard and was more than willing to try out our new mini flogger. All in all a good first session with this lovely lady and some very interesting conversation.

The film is in the site now and you can get your membership here or if you want, you can download the full film and see a clip at either of these places. Spanking Library or Clips4Sale