Wynter Sky Top spankee

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We have been filming Wynter for quite a number of years now and do you know she is as lovely today as when we first met her. This young lady loves the spanking scene and is well at home laying over a mans knees with her bottom turning red under a strong hand. We do have some excellent films of her and so do some of our other sites. I have taken this classic spanking film of Wynter and giving it another lease of life.

I do know that you love to see these films, if they are good they should not be forgotten and it is impossible for any one site to show all the best films so that’s why I have my classic series.

This week’s film is a real top class classic featuring the very lovely Wynter Sky. Now Wynter is a real spanking enthusiast and in this film shot in her own house she is enacting something that she admitted really turns her on. She is in a situation where she has to do as she is told, she has no choice, she will be punished and spanked in just the way the spanker may want to do it, no matter what ever she may say or do. She strips slowly and dresses in a certain way and is then placed over the knee and simply spanked hard. A really well shot film of this beautiful lady and only available at Redstripe Films

Free Membership to great spanking films

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Good morning and the first thing I have to say is that we now have a much better viewing format for all our members. As you know we shoot all our new films in full HD, well this is fine but it does give very large file sizes so we need to compress them so that everyone may be able to download them in a reasonable time. We are now using the MP4 format, this will make it easier for those of you viewing on Macs and tablets and smart phones. I hope you like this format and if you experience any problems please contact me via the help desk

I was just looking back through the site and marvelling at the range of films we have featured over the years, so many different styles and so many amazing young and not so young ladies who have featured here. The one side we have neglected a bit is the Spanking Mansion, this is where we feature the more unusual stories usually dreamt up by the ladies them selves, one of your favourite ladies is Suzanne Smart and we are hoping to get her back to film with us again very soon, that should be something special. For those of you who love to see Suzanne you can find her in a great series on the Spanking Sarah site where she plays the part of Lady Suzanne, a rather upper class lady, if you have not seen any of the series, it’s called Unladylike Manor then you have really missed out so take a look.

One further thing, we do have a great contact section which some of you may not know about. You will find fellow spanking lovers of all shades there so take a look at Spank me UK

Now for this weeks film and it is the final piece of the Captive film and features the amazing young Bemby Franks. She is still held in captivity and has now to undergo further humiliation and pain. She is being punished for the sins of her boyfriend and the film of this is to be sent to him so that he may see the error of his ways. In the first film we watched as she was stripped and whipped and paddled. Now this frightened young thing is to be caned by her capture. Face down on the bed at first and then on her hands and knees with her bottom pushed well out to take every stroke from this hard caning.

That’s it for this week so please come along to the site and enjoy what we have to offer. I do have a very special membership offer. The first TEN  who contact me through the help desk will get a FREE membership pass. Why am I doing this, well as I say things are going well with the site and out here in Spain the sun is shining and I am a happy young lady. So get in touch as soon as you can. I need your email address and of course your name on a help ticket and it would be nice if you told me which sort of films you like to see.  Redstripe Films

Zoe Montana caned

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This is the last part of the classic film series featuring Zoe. In this she is faced by the headmaster, by now he has almost exhausted all his patients and has decided that the ultimate sanction should be applied. Yes, she has to bed over and touch her toes for a good solid session with the senior girls cane.

I know that your favourite sequences are the caning ones but I can tell you it was not Zoe’s favourite time of the day as she bent over. Now the headmaster is a very experienced caner he makes it look deceptively easy as he gives a flick of the wrist and you see a red mark appear on  her bare bottom, the sign of a well aimed and delivered stroke. I really like this caning scene, well I like all caning scenes that do not involve me bending over! You can see this and over 300 films on my site at Redstripe Films. There are also loads of picture sets to accompany the films and some nice free things for my treasured members.

If you like to see really well made GONZO style spankings and punishments then you should take a look at a knew site Handy Spank Cam. Here you will find some amazing scenes from different sites all filmed in a very special way that gets you right into the action. The site is just about the cheapest on the net to join as well so please give it a look.


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Young Bemby has been captured and held in isolation, she is frightened and does not know what will be happening to her. The nasty person who has perpetrated this crime shows no mercy as she teases her and threatens her. The reason for all this? It seems Bemby’s boyfriend owes money and will not repay it and the film of his girlfriend being abused may help change his mind.

Bemby is tied and then exhibited in the most revealing way as she is slowly whipped, spanked strapped and paddled by her tormentor. This is quite a hard film and goes into the reactions of this frightened girl, the beatings are real and very sexy as Bemby has to assume the diaper position for the paddle to be used on her bare bottom. This film is part of the Spanking Mansion series on Redstripe Films so take a look.

Zoe Montana as a schoolgirl

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I seem to have had a couple of schoolgirl sequences over the last few weeks, well that is not my fault I just react to what you tell me you want to see. This week I have the start of a great little collection featuring the lovely Zoe Montana. This sequence was filmed a number of years ago and features Zoe as a very truculent schoolgirl. I have to say this is a roll she plays very well, a little too well for our spankers liking as he really did give her a good telling off before putting her over his knee for this prolonged and very painful spanking.

My collection of classic films are really meeting with your approval, no wonder, they are some of the best spanking scenes filmed over about the last ten years or so. We have re-edited and upgraded them to the very highest standards, fortunately most of them were shot on video tape and so the original quality is very high and with modern editing techniques we do get some top quality images. I know you will enjoy the films of Zoe so please get along to my web site and take a look. Redstripe Films

A good hard caning

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I have to say that out of all the implements I have been punished with over the years my least favourite is the cane. I do know that some girls love to feel the thud and the sting of a cane on their bare bottoms, I am not one of them. The only time I think I should be caned is when I have been very naughty, which I never am!

Now I also happen to know that Zandia who features in my latest film also hates to be caned, well in truth she does not like anything which hurts her bottom but does accept that from time to time she does need to go over the knee for a bit of correctional therapy. In this film, this is the second part of a story, she has not been keeping up on her car purchase payments and has just been paddled in some very revealing positions. Now she is to be caned.#

What makes this caning worse I think is that her husband is in total agreement that she should be caned. She has to remove all her clothes well she does get to keep her stockings, and bend over for a real good hard swishing. The effect of the cane is apparent and I think that she did shed a few tears during this caning. I really like this film, it’s authentic and a real life couple are appearing in it and, well it’s just worth watching so get along to Redstripe Films and take a look.

School Girl Spanked for Smoking

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Jackie is not a very good girl.  Despite being over eighteen she has been kept behind in school in the hope that she may eventually pass some exams.  Despite her age she must wear her uniform and also comply with the school rules.  She does not like this one bit and often rebels.

Jackie also has quite a dirty habit.  She loves to smoke and has been caught many times.  In fact, the HeadMaster had said that if she is caught one more time then she will be expelled.  Despite her bad behaviour,  she really does not want this so when the caretaker catches her having a crafty fag she is willing to do anything not to be reported.

She opens her school shirt to show him her tits and offers to have sex with him in return for his silence.  Now, the caretaker is rather tempted but he knows that it would be his job on the line if he touched her.  She maybe over eighteen but she is still a pupil at the school.  He decides that he would rather try and teach her a lesson she will not forget in a hurry.

The school does not use corporal punishment but he feels that young Jackie would really benefit from a trip over the knee.  Jackie cannot believe her ears and tries to convince him that this is not necessary, he will not be swayed.  She has to make up her mind and quickly.  A spanking or being expelled.  Reluctantly she agrees to the spanking.

What makes the whole thing even more humiliating is that this takes place outside and any of the other pupils could come along and see her being spanked on her bare bottom like a little girl.  Jackie has never been spanked before and the caretaker tries to make sure her first spanking will be her last.

The spanking commences over the skirt but this is soon lifted and the smacks land on her white school  panties.  Poor Jackie is son squirming and wriggling, especially when her pants are pulled down and the spanking continues on the bare.

The full film of Jackie getting a blistering bare bottom spanking is now available at RedStripe Films.

A Double Dose of the Paddle for Zanda Lee

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It is a normal night in the Lee household.  The kids have gone out so Husband and Wife decide that they will have some sexy fun.  They are kissing and cuddling on the sofa when the door bell rings.  Zanda tells her Hubby to leave it but when it continues to ring he reluctantly goes to the door.

Imagine his surprise when he finds a debt collector on the doorstep!  It seems that Zanda Lee has not been paying the instalments on the family car.  She tries to deny it but he knows just how frivolous his Wife can be.  It turns out she has spent the money on clothes and shoes.

He is furious ad rather anxious that they will lose the car.  He convinces the debt collector to defer payment for a few days but they both agree that his Wife needs to be taught a lesson she will not forget in a hurry.  They feel that a double spanking should do the trick.

Zanda Lee tries to offer him sex to soften him up but it is to no avail.  She is placed in the embarrassing diaper position which leaves everything on display and spanked hard by them both. 

The spanking is hard, fast and very, very painful.  Will this teach this naughty wife a lesson?  Take a look at the full film at RedStripe Films

Drinking at Work results in Pain

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We all know that we should not drink whilst we are at work.  Lucie is well aware of this rule but the temptation to help herself to her bosses booze is to great.  She thinks it is unlikely that she will get caught.  Unfortunately, as this is the world of spanking, she is wrong!

Mr Stern is a very fair Boss but he does believe in disciplining his employees.  If you break the rules then you get spanked.  Lucie knew this when she was first employed but as she had never been caught doing anything wrong had assumed that it wouldn’t happen.

When her Boss walks in and catches her red handed he is rather cross!  Lucie tries to make excuses but deep down she knows that there is no defence for helping herself.  When Mr Stern asks her to bend over the table for her spanking she is reluctant to do so but knows that if she doesn’t then the alternative is to lose her job.  

Lucie has never been spanked before so when the first slap lands on her clothes bottom she jumps in shock.  Mr Stern has a hard and heavy hand and wants to make sure that this naughty young lady learns a lesson that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Poor Lucie cannot believe just how heavy his hand is.  Especially when her skirt is raised.  Her knickers offer her very little protection but even these are taken down.  Spank after spank then fall directly upon her tender bare bottom.

Lucie is given a prolonged and painful bare bottom spanking which leaves her red, marked and sore.  Will this teach her to behave?  Take a look at the full film at RedStripe Fillms.

Can’t Pay? Get Caned! Pixie learns the hard way

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When will these girls learn?  You really do not mess with the people from the strapped for cash company.  If you don’t pay up then things can get really, really painful.

You would have thought that Pixie would have known better.  She got a really painful strapping when she first took out her loan and she promised faithfully that she would pay the money back.  The first instalment is due so the agent pops around to collect.

Pixie makes excuse after excuse as to why she could not pay the money but it really does not matter to Mrs Stern.  The money is due and she wants to collect it.  If Pixie does not have the cash then she will have to pay another way.   Mrs Stern has a cane in her car and goes out to collect it.

Poor Pixie tries really hard but a caning is inevitable.  You must pay your dues one way or another.  She is forced to bend over with her big bottom high in the air.  Each and every cane stroke is given as hard as possible and causes Pixie to cry  real tears.

Pixie soon has a welted and sore bottom and the promise that if she misses another payment worse will come.  Take a look at the film at RedStripe Films

A Thief gets the paddle

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Jennifer is in trouble, she has been stealing money from her employer for quite some time now.  Not huge amounts,  ten pounds here and there.  She doesn’t think the thefts have been noticed and as her employer is senile she doesn’t really feel guilty.

As we all know, cheat and thieves never prosper and she has been caught and punished.  Instead of the police being called she agreed to a spanking.  She has been over the knee for a blistering bare bottom hand spanking but her ordeal is far from over.

Her employers daughter does not feel that a spanking is enough of a deterrent.  She wants to use a nasty leather spanking paddle on Jennifers already sore and marked bottom.  Jennifer tries to protest but isn’t really in any position to do so.  Sarah is really angry and determined to make the older woman learn an incredibly painful lesson.

Jennifer is forced to strip and Sarah cruelly threatens to smack her breasts, hands and back before making the maid go on all fours for a harsh thrashing.  A painful and prolonged beating for this thief.  Take a look at the full film at RedStripe Films

Pixie gets Strapped for Cash

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It is harder and harder to get a loan or any type of credit from the banks.  Especially if you need to get money in a hurry.  More and more companies are popping up which charge huge amounts of interest in small cash loans but Pixie cannot even convince one of these to lend her any money!  She needs cash fast and so has had to turn to the strapped for cash company. The strapped for cash company are well known to help young ladies get out of jams, they are always happy to make small loans with little or no interest but as well as lending money.  However,  they like to improve behaviour to try and ensure that people do not make the same mistakes which got them into money troubles again.  An agent calls around to see Pixie.  After she explains why she needs the cash it is agreed that she can have her loan.  But, there will be a high price to pay.  Pixie will have to accept a bare bottom paddling for being silly enough to get herself into debt. Pixie is rather shocked but with no other institute willing to give her any cash, she has little choice other than to take the punishment.  Pixie has a big firm bottom and the agent is going to make sure that every part of it feels the sting of the heavy leather paddle. She is made to bend over with her bottom high in the air.  Her knickers offer her very little protection but they are still removed – the punishment isn’t only about pain but humiliation as well. The paddle is applied to her bare bottom and it does not take long for it to be glowing red!  Pixie cannot believe what is happening to her.  But will it make her more careful in future with money?  Take a look at the full film at RedStripe Films

Charlie gets the Cane

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I have been really looking forward to seeing this film.   Often our films are about fictional events, things which could be true or perhaps things that have happened to our models in the past.  This film is as true to life as could be.  Ok, Mrs Stern is not the Landlady but she has admitted that she was rather cross when she got to the house to find such a mess and so many cats!

Sarah loves Charlie and adores shooting with her but has told her so many times that her house should be kept tidy so Charlie was well aware of what would happen to her.  The last time the Sterns went to the house there were two cats so you can imagine how Sarah reacted when she found eight!  Charlie has already been given a cold tawsing.  She has been tawsed on her hands, bottom, thighs and feet  and now it is time for the cane.

Poor Charlie has been caned before but not for a very long time.  She found the tawse almost unbearable and is still heavily marked.  Sarah shows no remorse and tells Charlie in no uncertain terms that she is going to get the hardest caning of her young life.

Sarah uses her favourite swishy thin cane.  Charlie is asked to bend over and remain in position but she finds this almost impossible!  The silly girl is like a Jack in a Box jumping up and down.  Sarah decides that the cane should be applied all over including the front of the thighs.

The cane is given on the hands, front and back thighs, bottom and feet.  The girl is soon marked all over with heavy welts showing all over her body.  This is a hard horrible caning which hopefully will teach Charlie a lesson she will not forget in a hurry.   Take a look at the full film at RedStripe Films

Mature wife caned

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Sometimes it is really good to see a film with the more mature lady in it, I say this not because I am quite a mature lady but because I get so many requests to see the older lady being spanked. Now I have been lucky over the years and I have been able to find good looking older ladies who genuinely do like to be punished.

I was a bit stuck this week and then I came across this video with a lady from Yorkshire called June who made the video you will see some time ago for another site. I have been able to use this video and I know you will enjoy it.

June tells us a bit about her spanking and CP life style, this is another lady who seems like me to really enjoy getting her bottom beaten, anyway in this film she is dressed in some quite sexy latex gear and she bends over, out doors and submits to a good hard caning. This is a great film and well worth the title of classic. I will have to see if June is still around as I feel sure you will want to see more of her. Take a look at theRedstripe Films.

Thieving Maid caught and punished

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Please welcome Jennifer to RedStripe Films.  Jennifer had before making this film never ever been spanked before!  It was something she had always fantasied about but having a vanilla Husband and family stopped her from ever fulfilling her desire to be over the knee.

Well, children grow up, leave home and make their own lives and marriages break down.   After the initial shock of being on her own Jennifer realised that as some doors close, many others can open.  She found that spanking was on her mind more and more and she started to look online for a spanking partner.

She soon found out that for every Lady looking to be spanked that there is hundreds of men happy to offer their services but how to make sure that they were safe?  Not only that, she did not know whether the fantasy would live up to the reality and whether she would even like it.

During her online search she stumbled over my blog and as she is a similar age to me got in touch to ask for some advice.  I was more than happy to help and suggested that she pay a visit to Mr and Mrs Stern.  I knew that they would make sure that she was well looked after and that if she truly did not like anything that there would be no pressure to continue.

The thought of being filmed rather excited Jennifer.  She had previously thought herself to be to old and although this may be true for some spank sites, we do not discriminate all we ask is that people enjoy what they do. 

Jennifer has a fantastic figure which she has worked hard to maintain and is understandably very proud of.  She spoke to Mr and Mrs Stern and agreed to make two films to see just how she liked it.  An excited and very nervous Jennifer went to see them last week and her debut can now to seen at Redstripe Films.

Mrs Stern gave her her first ever spanking and let me tell you, it was rather a hard one!  Sarah feels that if you want to experience something that there should be no holding back!  Jennifer played the part of a thieving maid and you can tell that she really got into her character.  In fact, she admitted to me that when the camera was rolling she really did feel guilty and quite scared of the formidable Mrs Stern.

As with all newbies, her bottom reddened up very quickly.  In fact, I think I can detect some bruising.  She was placed over the knee and given a real hard hitting bare bottom hand spanking.   Take a look at the film on site.  Will she come back for more?  I am not sure, but Jennifer is very pleased that she at last tried something she always wanted to do.

If you have always dreamt of getting spanked and don’t mind showing your face on film why don’t you get in touch?