Lulu Lush gets her first spanking

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Strange name for a really exciting lady. Now this is a true story, Lulu’s husband rang Mr Stern and said he was having trouble with his lovely wife, she is a very well known model especially in the big boob market, anyway he wanted to bring her to see Mr Stern in the hopes that something could be done about her behaviour. Well, the result is just fascinating, it has Mr Stern asking her about the problem she obviously has with men and then getting her to agree to accept a spanking as a start to better behaviour.

Lulu’s husband starts off the spanking but Mr Stern soon has the lady over his knee demonstrating just how it should be done. A good hard OTK spanking is just what is wanted and just what she gets. It did make me quite jealous actually because that is just about how I met Mr Stern all those years ago but he now only uses his cane on me when I have been really naughty. Anyway, This is a good film and I think its one you should get along and take a look at on my site. It is also posted on  Spanking Library where you can download a clip to watch or buy the film at a very cheap price, being offered for just a short while.

Mature wife filmed by husband

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Colette called us and asked if we would go along to her hotel, this was at very short notice but we did as asked. She was there with her husband and quite simply she wanted to tell us about her spanking life and for us to punish her and film it. What more could we ask for .

She turned out to be a very articulate and pleasant lady and told us all about her love of spanking and made it clear that she wanted her limits pushed. She and her husband had done so much but now she felt she wanted to go further. We of course were delighted and soon had her stripped off on the hotel bed with her large spankable bottom in place for whatever we wanted to do.

She certainly did adore being spanked and paddled very hard and was more than willing to try out our new mini flogger. All in all a good first session with this lovely lady and some very interesting conversation.

The film is in the site now and you can get your membership here or if you want, you can download the full film and see a clip at either of these places. Spanking Library or Clips4Sale

A good hard caning for April

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Poor April, just like the month it never rains but it pours. She forgot t o make her re-payments to the strapped for cash loan company, when the collector called she was never in. No excuses the enforcer is sent round.

No gentle reminder for the girl here. It’s a sound spanking and then a real hard caning expertly administered. This is what a caning is all about. Bend over stick your bottom in the air then measure the length before the first stroke strikes home. OUCH! I have been in that position so many times myself it gives me a sore bum just to write about it. A good hard hitting film, fresh up at Redstripe films Now. Take a look and there are over 300 other films on the site as well or you can see a clip and download just the film at this spanking library.

In trouble again

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Yes I am once again in trouble, I did not update the blog last week, well I do have so much to do at Spanking Towers that I do sometimes forget, Mr Stern however never forgets when it comes to dishing out punishments, especially to my big bottom so I can expect to be bent over my desk sometime this week for six of the best, He IS so old fashioned!

This is what happened on our update last week: April May need a lot of money and she needs it now, she has no one else to turn to but the Strapped For Cash loan company. After a discussion with Mr. Stern she soon understands about the “strapped” bit of the deal and finds herself over his knee being paddled on her black panty hose and then to her dismay on her bare bottom. She has to endure an extra hard thrashing because of the amount of money she needs. Let’s hope she can afford to repay.

Well, that is a pretty good film as is this one we have this week, another classic film and the last one we have featuring Michelle in her school uniform. It’s a real pity we no longer have contact with her as so many of you seem to like her being punished. It’s always good to have a mature lady on the site. Still, if she is out there please do get in touch. Now to the film:

Michelle our adult school girl has had a hell of a time, spanked and then strapped hard by the headmaster, what more will he do to her. Well he does have a rather wicked looking school cane and he intends to use it to the very best effect on her bare bottom. He gives her enough strokes to make her a very sorry lady indeed and not wanting to sit down for a while. This is a great school re-enactment film featuring this very hard hearted headmaster and his will pupil wife.

As with all the other STRAND web sites we are giving you various ways to look at our films, we try to make it easy and affordable for everyone. If you just want to download this sequence you can click here, this will take you to the sequence where there is also a trailer or you can go to the site here and join and have access to over 300 other full length films. If you want to see just our hand made films, that means from all the strand sites then you can go to Handy Spank Cam where the membership charge is more than reasonable.

Good fun spanking bottoms

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My how you loved last weeks update with young Bemby and my good friend Ian. He certainly did give her a good spanking and for those who asked, yes, although she looks as though she hates it in effect she does like to go over her boyfriends knee for a hard hand spanking. It is heart warming when these lovely young girls can admit to their kink and not be shy or afraid to do so. One up the bum for those mean spirited individuals who want to spoil our online fun with their stupid rules and regulations.

The internet is free for all to explore their sexuality in any way they want so lets tell our thick headed politicians to keep their minds on the really serious things that are going on in the world today. If they are serious about stopping violence how about withdrawing all the money we are giving to the savages who want to crucify and whip people in public!

Anyway, to this weeks update and it is a classic continuation of the film with David and Michelle, she is dressed in her old school uniform and he is the headmaster, and a very convincing and bad tempered one he makes. He decides that the spanking she has been given is not enough and produces the school strap. She has to bend over the spanking bench where he proceeds to strap her large bare bottom. He really does lay this strap on and poor Michelle suffers the pain and has to return to class with a very painful bottom. Good full length film over at my site Resdtripe Films

The quest continues

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Ian is still looking for his long lost niece and along the way he is getting to spank some lovely bare bottoms. The latest lady to say she thinks she may be the long lost relative is the very sexy and quiet Bemby. After a short char Ian can’t wait any longer and just wants her over his knees. She is none to keen to let this nasty man get his hands on her bare bottom but she thinks she may be set to inherit some money so, well what the heck!

She is soon regretting it as the heavy hand marks her tender skin and she knows she will not be sitting down for a few weeks. This is a straight forward, good hard spanking film featuring a smashing young lady at Redstripe Films



More school day punishment

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I do still have my old school uniform but unfortunately I cant fit into it. That could be because it has shrunk a bit or maybe I have gotten a bit bigger round the rear end. Anyway I will leave that for now and concentrate on the lovely Willow. She makes a very becoming school girl in her old uniform and I must say that the headmaster did bring back memories of my school days when we did get the strap if we misbehaved, I remember it well I was SO badly behaved!

In this story which is another of our classic series young Willow is in detention and will just not get her lines right. What to do? Well as all good headmasters know you have to start with a swift spanking on the knickered bottom and then apply the school strap to the same area. This is what Willow got and it certainly seems to have sorted her out for the time being but how long will this last I wonder. It’s a good genuine film and can be seen at Redstripe Films

Lola Marie Meets the London Tanner

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There are some people you just love to have in your spanking films and one of my all time favourites is the London Tanner. This well known maker of the very best spanking implements is quite a film star and whenever I offer him the chance to spank a young ladies bottom he always jumps on his Harley and turns up at my door the next morning. When I said to him that he would have to spank the delicious Lola Marie well, there was no holding him back so here is the first part of the story. Now as you may know he has developed a scam to get young ladies along to let him spank them, he puts out an advert saying he is looking for his long lost niece and that he has a large legacy to leave to them. When the poor unfortunates turn up he persuades them to let him spank them, as part of the identifying process.

Well Lola fell for it, well why not it’s as good as any other story, and she ended up over his knees getting her bottom well tanned over the top of her skin tight trousers. Once these were removed the red marks from the Tanners fingers were clear to see. After a good OTK spanking he made Lola get into the revealing diaper position and continued with his good works. Now how is this going to end? Find out here at Redstripe Films.

Oh, by the way, if you do happen to use any of these file hosting servers where they have pirated films take a look at this salutary post on Spanking News.


Wynter Sky Top spankee

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We have been filming Wynter for quite a number of years now and do you know she is as lovely today as when we first met her. This young lady loves the spanking scene and is well at home laying over a mans knees with her bottom turning red under a strong hand. We do have some excellent films of her and so do some of our other sites. I have taken this classic spanking film of Wynter and giving it another lease of life.

I do know that you love to see these films, if they are good they should not be forgotten and it is impossible for any one site to show all the best films so that’s why I have my classic series.

This week’s film is a real top class classic featuring the very lovely Wynter Sky. Now Wynter is a real spanking enthusiast and in this film shot in her own house she is enacting something that she admitted really turns her on. She is in a situation where she has to do as she is told, she has no choice, she will be punished and spanked in just the way the spanker may want to do it, no matter what ever she may say or do. She strips slowly and dresses in a certain way and is then placed over the knee and simply spanked hard. A really well shot film of this beautiful lady and only available at Redstripe Films

Free Membership to great spanking films

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Good morning and the first thing I have to say is that we now have a much better viewing format for all our members. As you know we shoot all our new films in full HD, well this is fine but it does give very large file sizes so we need to compress them so that everyone may be able to download them in a reasonable time. We are now using the MP4 format, this will make it easier for those of you viewing on Macs and tablets and smart phones. I hope you like this format and if you experience any problems please contact me via the help desk

I was just looking back through the site and marvelling at the range of films we have featured over the years, so many different styles and so many amazing young and not so young ladies who have featured here. The one side we have neglected a bit is the Spanking Mansion, this is where we feature the more unusual stories usually dreamt up by the ladies them selves, one of your favourite ladies is Suzanne Smart and we are hoping to get her back to film with us again very soon, that should be something special. For those of you who love to see Suzanne you can find her in a great series on the Spanking Sarah site where she plays the part of Lady Suzanne, a rather upper class lady, if you have not seen any of the series, it’s called Unladylike Manor then you have really missed out so take a look.

One further thing, we do have a great contact section which some of you may not know about. You will find fellow spanking lovers of all shades there so take a look at Spank me UK

Now for this weeks film and it is the final piece of the Captive film and features the amazing young Bemby Franks. She is still held in captivity and has now to undergo further humiliation and pain. She is being punished for the sins of her boyfriend and the film of this is to be sent to him so that he may see the error of his ways. In the first film we watched as she was stripped and whipped and paddled. Now this frightened young thing is to be caned by her capture. Face down on the bed at first and then on her hands and knees with her bottom pushed well out to take every stroke from this hard caning.

That’s it for this week so please come along to the site and enjoy what we have to offer. I do have a very special membership offer. The first TEN  who contact me through the help desk will get a FREE membership pass. Why am I doing this, well as I say things are going well with the site and out here in Spain the sun is shining and I am a happy young lady. So get in touch as soon as you can. I need your email address and of course your name on a help ticket and it would be nice if you told me which sort of films you like to see.  Redstripe Films

Zoe Montana caned

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This is the last part of the classic film series featuring Zoe. In this she is faced by the headmaster, by now he has almost exhausted all his patients and has decided that the ultimate sanction should be applied. Yes, she has to bed over and touch her toes for a good solid session with the senior girls cane.

I know that your favourite sequences are the caning ones but I can tell you it was not Zoe’s favourite time of the day as she bent over. Now the headmaster is a very experienced caner he makes it look deceptively easy as he gives a flick of the wrist and you see a red mark appear on  her bare bottom, the sign of a well aimed and delivered stroke. I really like this caning scene, well I like all caning scenes that do not involve me bending over! You can see this and over 300 films on my site at Redstripe Films. There are also loads of picture sets to accompany the films and some nice free things for my treasured members.

If you like to see really well made GONZO style spankings and punishments then you should take a look at a knew site Handy Spank Cam. Here you will find some amazing scenes from different sites all filmed in a very special way that gets you right into the action. The site is just about the cheapest on the net to join as well so please give it a look.


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Young Bemby has been captured and held in isolation, she is frightened and does not know what will be happening to her. The nasty person who has perpetrated this crime shows no mercy as she teases her and threatens her. The reason for all this? It seems Bemby’s boyfriend owes money and will not repay it and the film of his girlfriend being abused may help change his mind.

Bemby is tied and then exhibited in the most revealing way as she is slowly whipped, spanked strapped and paddled by her tormentor. This is quite a hard film and goes into the reactions of this frightened girl, the beatings are real and very sexy as Bemby has to assume the diaper position for the paddle to be used on her bare bottom. This film is part of the Spanking Mansion series on Redstripe Films so take a look.

Zoe Montana as a schoolgirl

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I seem to have had a couple of schoolgirl sequences over the last few weeks, well that is not my fault I just react to what you tell me you want to see. This week I have the start of a great little collection featuring the lovely Zoe Montana. This sequence was filmed a number of years ago and features Zoe as a very truculent schoolgirl. I have to say this is a roll she plays very well, a little too well for our spankers liking as he really did give her a good telling off before putting her over his knee for this prolonged and very painful spanking.

My collection of classic films are really meeting with your approval, no wonder, they are some of the best spanking scenes filmed over about the last ten years or so. We have re-edited and upgraded them to the very highest standards, fortunately most of them were shot on video tape and so the original quality is very high and with modern editing techniques we do get some top quality images. I know you will enjoy the films of Zoe so please get along to my web site and take a look. Redstripe Films

A good hard caning

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I have to say that out of all the implements I have been punished with over the years my least favourite is the cane. I do know that some girls love to feel the thud and the sting of a cane on their bare bottoms, I am not one of them. The only time I think I should be caned is when I have been very naughty, which I never am!

Now I also happen to know that Zandia who features in my latest film also hates to be caned, well in truth she does not like anything which hurts her bottom but does accept that from time to time she does need to go over the knee for a bit of correctional therapy. In this film, this is the second part of a story, she has not been keeping up on her car purchase payments and has just been paddled in some very revealing positions. Now she is to be caned.#

What makes this caning worse I think is that her husband is in total agreement that she should be caned. She has to remove all her clothes well she does get to keep her stockings, and bend over for a real good hard swishing. The effect of the cane is apparent and I think that she did shed a few tears during this caning. I really like this film, it’s authentic and a real life couple are appearing in it and, well it’s just worth watching so get along to Redstripe Films and take a look.

School Girl Spanked for Smoking

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Jackie is not a very good girl.  Despite being over eighteen she has been kept behind in school in the hope that she may eventually pass some exams.  Despite her age she must wear her uniform and also comply with the school rules.  She does not like this one bit and often rebels.

Jackie also has quite a dirty habit.  She loves to smoke and has been caught many times.  In fact, the HeadMaster had said that if she is caught one more time then she will be expelled.  Despite her bad behaviour,  she really does not want this so when the caretaker catches her having a crafty fag she is willing to do anything not to be reported.

She opens her school shirt to show him her tits and offers to have sex with him in return for his silence.  Now, the caretaker is rather tempted but he knows that it would be his job on the line if he touched her.  She maybe over eighteen but she is still a pupil at the school.  He decides that he would rather try and teach her a lesson she will not forget in a hurry.

The school does not use corporal punishment but he feels that young Jackie would really benefit from a trip over the knee.  Jackie cannot believe her ears and tries to convince him that this is not necessary, he will not be swayed.  She has to make up her mind and quickly.  A spanking or being expelled.  Reluctantly she agrees to the spanking.

What makes the whole thing even more humiliating is that this takes place outside and any of the other pupils could come along and see her being spanked on her bare bottom like a little girl.  Jackie has never been spanked before and the caretaker tries to make sure her first spanking will be her last.

The spanking commences over the skirt but this is soon lifted and the smacks land on her white school  panties.  Poor Jackie is son squirming and wriggling, especially when her pants are pulled down and the spanking continues on the bare.

The full film of Jackie getting a blistering bare bottom spanking is now available at RedStripe Films.