Another classic spanking film

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Kami Robertson spanked and paddledAnother classic spanking film says the title of this post but when does a film become a classic? I suppose that is pretty arbitrary but I think it is when it has been around for a time and still looks good, still has something which sets it apart from most others and features some interesting people.

The main reason I chose this film as this weeks update is that it gives another chance to look at the fab Kami Robertson, I know she has so many fans and this is another film from what I consider to be the very best of her appearances in spanking films. Here she features as a rather naughty schoolgirl, faking illness so that she does not have to leave the dorm and go to her class. The doctor is called with the inevitable consequence, she is examined and found to be in tip top condition, this then gives him the perfect reason to inflict a well known cure for laziness on her pert young bottom. Naked she lays over his knee as he spanks and paddles her bottom and you know, there is a distinct look of pleasure on this young ladies face as she gets this very well deserved spanking.

That is part of what made Kami such a good spanking model, she just loved to be spanked and she loved to be spanked hard and for a good length of time. I do remember a producer telling me of the time when he had finished shooting her for the day and Kami took him aside and asked that now the work had been completed could he please take her upstairs and give her a real spanking. That’s what I call a dedicated lover of spanking and someone who demonstrates that this kink we have is fun and happens between people who really love what they do. Please enjoy this film and get along to the site.


The Cane for Alice Blue

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Alice has been a rather naughty girl. Her Landlord caught pleasuring herself in full view and he was not very happy! This wanton girl did not seem to care who saw her playing with her wet pussy and so he decided The cane for Alicerather than throw her out that he would teach her a lesson that she would not forget in a hurry.

He initially took a heavy paddle to this badly behaved girl but despite giving her a real good whacking which left her marked and sore, he felt that she had not learnt her lesson.  Alice tries to convince him that she has and even offers her body but this jut makes him crosser and more determined to punish her further.

The Landlord feels that Alice would benefit from a dose of his heavy cane.  The frightened girl does not want to be kicked out of her home so did not feel that she had any other choice but to accept the cane.  Poor Alice is so scared, she has already felt just how heavy the paddle is and knows that the cane will be much harsher.

She is forced to bend over and await her fate.  She is totally naked so the very first stroke bites into her tender sore flesh and leaves a huge welt.  Alice is forced to endure stroke after painful stroke of the cane which leaves her terribly marked and sore.  Take a look on site

You Stole from Me

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Punished with a hard caningHonesty by name does not always mean Honesty by nature which is what Sarah found out to her cost when she noticed money going out of the till from the Café that she run.  Honesty is one of her longest employed and  most trusted employees.   It was hard for Sarah to grasp the fact that it was in fact her who had her fingers in the till but after the security cameras provided proof there was little doubt.  Sarah confronts her employee who initially tries to deny the charge.

When shown the evidence it is difficult for Honesty to keep up the pretence.  She admits to the theft and explains that she has recently had some unexpected bills which she really needed to pay.  Sarah explains that had she asked then perhaps a loan could have been arranged.  Whatever the excuse stealing is wrong and cannot go unpunished.

It is usual in these types of situations for the police to be called and charges to be brought.  However, Sarah knows deep down that Honesty is a good girl and that one mistake should not mean her life be totally ruined.  Nobody wants a conviction especially for theft.  Sarah therefore proposes an alternative method of correction.

Honesty is offered a choice.  She can keep her job provided she pays all the money back in full, promises never to steal again and agrees to take a hard cold caning.  Honesty knows she has done wrong and is grateful that she is being given a chance to redeem herself so gladly agrees to take a caning.

Sarah explains that this is by no ways an easy option.  The punishment will be harsh and the pain will be very real.  Each and every cane stroke will hurt the tender skin of her young buttocks.  But at least the consequences will be short lived unlike a conviction.  Honesty is fully aware of what is going to happen but as she has never felt the sting of the cane is not sure exactly what she has let herself in for.

Honesty is stripped of her uniform and made to bend over with her hands in the chair.  Her bottom is high in the air.  Sarah swishes the cane a few times and you can see the girl visibly flinch.  The first stroke leaves her  breathless as it cuts into her bare skin.  Honesty cannot believe just how much this hurts and knows that she has many more strokes to come.

Each and every stroke is applied to cause maximum pain and discomfort and you can soon see the wicked red welts on her virgin bottom.  A harsh but well deserved lesson.  Take a look at the free clip here

The Paddle for Naughty Alice

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I am very sad. I was rather hoping to be able to star in this years Christmas Video. I have never managed to be free on the dates but had high hopes for this year. Unfortunately I have just found out that Hubby has a Doctors Appointment so I won’t be able to attend again. Never mind, I am sure that The London Tanner, Mr Stern, Spanking Sarah and Imogen D’arcy will manage without me and there is always next year. As some of you may know we always provide a full length free spanking film at Christmas as a special thank you for members past and present.   In fact, this year there will be 2 free films as Sarah will be making one for Sarahspanksmen as well

A good hard paddling for AliceI would rather like to meet this weeks spankee Alice Blue.  She is exactly the type of girl I like to feature on RedStripe FilmsShe is what I call a real woman and she loves being spanked,  not only that, but she loves to play with her beautiful body.  What more could we want?  Alice came along with her Master earlier this year to make some films and I am rather keen to have her back again in the New Year.

Alice is busy playing with her pussy when her Landlord makes a surprise visit.  He is not greatly impressed to find her fingering herself in full view of all the neighbours in the conservatory!  He feels that this sort of activity should be kept to the bedroom or at least where you cannot be seen and decides to teach his rather naughty tenant a lesson she will not forget in a hurry.

Alice is given a stark choice.  She can relinquish her tenancy or she can take a well earned and deserved punishment.   Alice rather likes her home and is not in a rush to leave it so decides to take the punishment.   Her Landlord is rather pleased to be able to deal with this dirty young lady so proceeds to give her a painful paddling on her bare bottom. 

The poor girl is soon marked and very sore.  She is completely naked so everything is on display.  It seems that the Landlord is not quite so bothered about his neighbours seeing her being beaten.  Take a look at the free clip here

Classic Films

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Wynter Sky paddledThere are so many good films out there on our  web sites but sometimes we just have to remove certain ones either because the quality is not up to much or we think it will benefit from re-editing. As know we have a number of different web sites and some have been running for many years, it stands to reason there fore that certain films have been removed from time to time.

We have now looked back through these films and selected from the large number a few which we think are real classics. Now some of these are selected because we had a significant number of members wanting to see them again and some because we just loved them or because the girls were exceptional.

The first in this series is one of our very favourite ladies, the beautifully named and a truly beautiful girl Wynter Sky. We filmed with her a number of times and she is one of the most sought after girls on all our sites. In this film she goes to see her employer dressed for sex but, lucky guy he knows what she really wants and he gets straight down to business. Dressed in some very sexy undies she is soon bent over being spanked and paddled on her lovely bottom and believe me she can really take a good hard paddling. We think this is an excellent film to start this occasional series with and we do hope you enjoy it. Take a look at the clip here.

Don’t forget if you want to see some of the very best Fem Dom films around our own Sarah now has her latest site up and running. If you have not already been there take a look at Sarah Spanks Men it’s well worth it and as it is a new site she is running a very cheap membership deal.

Flogging, Strapping and the Paddle for Zoe

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Zoe paddled and whippedZoe is a lifestyle player.  A real girl who is into the spanking scene.  She had never made a film before but wanted to give it a try.  She came along to see Sarah who we all know has one of the hardest hands around.  Well,  Zoe rather enjoyed being hand spanked, in fact she perhaps enjoyed it a little too much!    But how would she fair when other implements were placed into play?

In this weeks film Zoe tells Sarah a little bit more about her kinky life.  Her honest and candid answers are fascinating.  She explains why she decided to make a film and talks about how she found her very first on film spanking.   She admits that she really enjoyed it despite the fact that Sarah really smacked her hard.   Her bottom is still rather red.  Sarah asks her to have a look in her huge toy bag and choose a variety of implements to be spanked with. 

Zoe choose a few different things to be whacked with.  She admitted that she hadn’t really experienced straps and paddles but that she wanted to give them a go.  She also picked a flogger as she does like to be whipped on her back as well as her bottom.  Sarah soon had her bent over the sofa.  Zoe quickly realised that the implements she had choosen packed quite a heavy punch!  Her rosy red bottom was soon purple and bruises began to form.

Zoe did not like the straps or paddles very much at all!  In fact, I would go as far as to say that she hated them.  Being spanked by hand is quite intimate whereas with implements is not.  Still, she had agreed to be beaten with these implements so the whacking continued.  Zoe did get some respite when the flogger was used despite it leaving some wonderful marks on her back.

By the time Sarah had finished Zoe was red raw and sore.  Her bottom really took a blistering beating.  Take a look at the free clip and see.

A caning for me and do others get punished at work

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This week  I am sitting on my chair with a very red and sore bottom. When you have watched this film you will understand why. I had the hardest caning I have ever had and to make it worse it followed straight on after a spanking and a paddling.

Sandy canedI know I may have deserved the punishment, I am supposed to look after things when the boss is away and I did rather let him down. Do you know, I sometimes wonder if secretaries and lady employees of other companies and businesses get punished. I know it may be illegal in most places but, well it can be quite a good arrangement instead of getting the sack or getting your wages docked you had to submit to a good hard spanking. It would be interesting to hear from anyone who does get disciplined in this way.

When I said ladies I could also have included men, I do know for a fact that there are lots of men out there who would just love to take a punishment caning from a strict lady boss. My friend Sarah has proven this with her new web site Sarah Spanks Men. Now I never thought that she would find men who want to come along and be spanked, paddled and caned really hard, god, I have watched some of the films and she really does sort these guys out and believe me, they are not sissy wimps, for the most part these are real men. Have a look at her site and I think you will be pretty amazed.

Anyway, back to my poor bottom, I don’t know how I am going to explaine it to my husband, whenever I do get punished he always says I must have deserved it and gives me a bit extra, he also gives me something else but I can’t tell you about that. Just take a look at the free clip here, I know you will enjoy the full film.

Dirty Web Cam Girl

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Dirty Web Cam GirlWhat a week I have had, so busy I almost forgot to update the site but luckily I did get round to it this morning. I say it’s a good job as I have another shoot planed with Mr. Stern and I do not need to give him any excuse to whack me any harder than I know he already will. It’s funny, I really do love to be spanked and paddled and even to get the cane but it sort of feels different if I am being punished for something real, when I know I deserve it I know I always get it harder and that I will regret my faults but it does not stop me from misbehaving again.

That’s that but now to this weeks update, I have a lovely young lady who is quite new to the spanking game and came along to make her first films with us. Mr. Stern plays the part of an irate guardian and she is the naughty young girl who is flashing her boobs and pussy on her web cam to a new boy she has just met on line. She gets found out of course and then the punishment has to be decided. Now I thought that Mr. Stern was a bit out of line with this one. She is new to spanking films and so I thought he should have gone a bit easier on her than he did but he did not hold back at all. She had to bend over in his big chair with her bare bottom in the air and he whacked her really hard with what I know to my cost is a very nasty leather paddle. Now he really did lay it on, maybe he was just in a nasty mood that day but poor honest has my sympathy for the beating she took. It is a good hard film and as usual you can see the clip here

Zoe akes her Debut and Alice gets the Paddle

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Zoe spanked by SarahZoe is a lifestyle player who has had her bottom smacked many times before but never on film. She got in touch with Sarah on Fetlife and asked her if she could come along and make a film. Sarah of course said yes! We do love shooting with real ladies who are really into getting their bums smacked. It is so much better than filming with a glamour puss who is probably only doing it for the money. As you know at RedStripe Films we do like to film with ‘real ladies’ and Zoe most certainly falls into that category.

Zoe tells us quite openly about how she got her very first spanking and how her life has progressed since then.  I do find these stories fascinating and I am always grateful when someone shares their true life experiences with us – I think it shows a lot of people that they are not alone or odd and that it is ok to have spanking fantasies and also to be able to act upon them.   Zoe had making a spanking film on her bucket list so it was also nice to be able to give something back.  This amazing young lady then goes over the knee and takes a good hard bare bottom spanking which leaves her incredibly marked on her fair skin. Allice bent over the table and spanked

We also have relatively newbie Alice Blue on RedStripe.  This beautiful young Lady loves be spanked as well!  You really would be surprised at just how many spanko people there are in the world!  You could be standing next to one on the tube walking past one in the supermarket.  It is quite exciting when you look at it that way isn’t it?  Anyway, Alice Blue came along for a spanking interview.  She passed the first part with flying colours and this week we see her take the paddle.  She really does take a good hard thrashing and in some rather humiliating positions.   Take a look at the free clips here

I want to tell you about a brand new site. This is another one run by and featuring the amazing Spanking Sarah but this time she turns her attention to naughty men. Yes she really does lay into some of these men’s bottoms and certainly lets them know who is boss. It may not be for you and it is a very hard hitting site, in more ways than one but I suggest you get along to Sarah Spanks Men and just take a look.

A Warm Welcome to Alice Blue

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Allice Blue spanked for first timeMeet Alice Blue the latest addition to RedStripe Films. Alice is a lifestyle player and enjoys nothing more than having her bare bottom spanked. She recently came along with her Master and our friend Sean Wolf to make some great spanking films

It was lovely to catch up with Sean Wolf and meet the lovely Alice Blue.  Alice has made a few fetish films before but was really looking forward to getting spanked on film for us.   We thought it would be nice to put her at ease with a nice hand spanking to start with ….  Sean Wolf had other ideas.  She got a hand spanking but I wouldn’t class it as a nice one!

Alice found herself bent over the table with her bottom high in the air!  The smacks started hard and became harder!  No gentle warm up for this young lady!  Her big bum was soon bouncing with the smacks and she  makes some delightful spanked noises.

Alice takes a good hard bare bottom hand spanking which leaves her bum red and sore.  A great first film for Alice Blue.  Take a look at the free clip here

My paddling punishment

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Sandy well paddled bottomLife is funny sometimes, not that I was thinking that whilst being paddled in my latest film. The thing is I am supposed to be the one who makes all the decisions about the running of my web site, OK I do know that I get things wrong occasionally but what I don’t understand is why I am the one who always seems to get punished these days. I understand Mr Stern not being too pleased about the fact that I had not handled the members enquiries very well and I had thought that a reasonable punishment for that would be a bare bottom spanking, I rather like that, being over a knee, panties taken down a good hard spanking and some nice gently rubbing to sooth my bottom followed by a glass of wine when my punishment is all over. It’s a different matter though when the punishment progresses to the next level and I find my self having to take a real hard cold thrashing with the leather paddle. Now I know that I have a lovely big bum but that just seems to make people want to beat it longer and harder and that’s just what I got as the second part of my punishment.

My poor bottom was beaten black and blue, by the time he had given me what he called a well deserved beating I promise you I could not sit down at the table to drink my glass of wine. That’s the way it is here and you know, I really would not change a thing, I like the fact that when I step out of line I will be punished and I like the fact that someone cares enough to want to punish me and I do tend to get a rather warm feeling after the spanking, and I don’t mean on my bottom. Have a look at the film of my beating its on the site now and there is a free clip here

I don’t know if it will be of interest to you, it certainly is to me but there is a new site featuring the very serious punishment of some naughty men. I don’t see why it should just be us ladies who have to take a good beating and so when Spanking Sarah started this site I said I would do all I can to help. I might even send my husband along for a good hard caning. Please take a look at the site at Sarah Spanks Men

A judicial Caning

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Now I am not too sure just what a judicial caning is, I have to admit that I just hate being caned. Mr Stern does cane me occasionally when I have neglected my work in the office, I know that I may well deserve it and bend over and take it with the best grace I can. Now that is a straightforward punishment caning and is different from what is termed judicial.  I suppose the judicial must be a lot harder and meant to really hurt. The film on my sight this week is just such a one, Susan, and this is actually a true story, was going to make a spanking film for my site, now she had been filming earlier that day for Spanking Sarah but she did not tell me or Mr Stern about this. Now he did have a phone call from Sarah who told him that Susan had been filming that very morning, so he examined her bottom and found that it was marked. So she had told a lie! Mr Stern decided that he could not punish her that day but did call Sarah and ask her if she would come to his location and deal with Susan. Sarah arrived and after talking to Susan decided that she was going to give her one of her special real hard canings and that’s what we have in this weeks film. It is hard, she did have to take quite a lot of strokes and I have to say I did end up feeling a bit sorry for her. Take a look at the free film clip here and don’t forget that in my members area I do have over 250 full length films covering every aspect of discipline

npp7008028npp7008010  judicial caning

Imogen D’Arcy and Sarah Stern The Betrayal pt 2

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Imogen D'arcy and her lover  Our Spanking Mansion series has proven to be very popular.  It seems that a lot of you like the darker, more edgier films we are making for it.  In most instances the ladies who have appeared in these films have been close friends of ours – in honesty you could not make these type of films with strangers.  A hell of a lot of trust and respect is involved when you push the boundaries as far as we do and this film is no different. npp7038011

Imogen D’Arcy and Sarah Stern originally wanted to make a hard hitting real domestic discipline film.   They then hit upon the idea of just how awful it would be if one partner wanted to be involved in a cp relationship and the other didn’t.  Add some infidelity into the mix plus a rather unstable girlfriend and you have the ultimate betrayal. 

Imogen had wanted out but kindly agreed to just one more night.  How she has lived to regret that.  Sarah does not want to let her go and is furious with her for cheating and trying to leave.  She has drugged Imogen and decided that she will act out all of her sordid fantasies.  Sarah loves Imogen but hates her as well and in this part of the story alternates between being furious and beating her ex and wanting to kiss and her.  Imogen is just terrified.  She is tied to the bed unable to move and is being subjected to some rather sadistic and painful treatment.

Sarah has also realised that she can never know let Imogen go without the girl getting her arrested and so ponders out loud about just how exactly she can deal with her.  Imogen is left in no doubt that she may not get out of this situation alive.  She is scared, hungry, and in terrible pain.  

Sarah not only punishes Imogen on her bottom but on her hands and breasts.  The beating is given without mercy and Imogen is soon in floods of tears.  Just how will this end?  Take a look at the free clip here

The Paddle for Susan

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Susan Paddled npp7007031Perhaps Susans are like buses? You wait for ever for one to come along and then all of a sudden you get two! We have shot with a Suzy and a Suzanne but to my knowledge never a Susan and then in the space of two short weeks we film with two. How strange is that?

Susan and her partner Bunty are life style players who really wanted to get spanked on film.  They are friends with The London Tanner and he put them in touch with Mr and Mrs Stern who were more than happy to film these lovely ladies and I am rather pleased that they have let me use this film on RedStripe

Susan has come to make a spanking film but gets off on the wrong foot by lying about having made other films, her bottom is still marked. The filming has to go ahead however but instead of taking it a bit easy on a new girl Mr. Stern goes to town on her bottom with his paddle giving it one hell of a beating. Real good hard paddling film.  Take a look at the free clip here

A Hard Hand Spanking for this Housewife

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I do like it when we have ‘real ladies’ on the RedStripe films spanking site. Now I am back making films I am going to make it my mission to ensure that we have many more mature ladies who would never class themselves as models doing what they do best. Look at me, nobody could say that I was your average spanking model could they? But you all seem to love my big firm bottom and I get such a thrill from the lovely comments I get. I can’t wait to make another lot of films and I am really interested in hearing what you would like me to do in them.

A spanking for SusieEvery week we hear from real couples and ladies who are into the spanking scene and feel the need to have their activities recorded.   Most spanking sites are only interested in filming with skinny minnies who look like they could still be at school and this is all rather disheartening for the many real people who crave to have their love of spanking shared with the rest of the world.  At RedStripe we know that our members just love to see amateur mature ladies getting up to all sorts of naughty things and getting their bums smacked for it.

This week we would like to introduce you to Susan.  Susie is your average Housewife.  You would pass her in the supermarket and not give her a second thought but Susie has a secret.  She likes to play some rather sexy games with her Husband.  She has kept herself rather trim and is in fantastic shape and when the doors are closed her Husband gets a real treat.

Her Husband has arranged a special visit for his Wife.  He has secretely invited Mr Stern around to play with her.  Her Husband is going to watch and so can you.  Mr Stern starts by asking Susan all about her sexy secret life and she shares some rather sordid details.  It is then over the knee for a good hard hand spanking.   I think Susie is rather shocked at his hard and horny hand and her bottom is soon bouncing and red.  A great film take a look at the free clip here